KAT's Comprehensive Operational Analysis

KAT Reimagined

The KAT Reimagined study is looking at our current service and how we can make it better, balancing the area we cover with how well we cover that area.  Service everywhere that operates infrequently doesn’t work for many people, but only a few routes with really great service may not reach enough people.  This study asks the community how we find that balance that will encourage transit use in Knoxville and make it work effectively for as many people as possible.

Visit the study’s website: katreimagined.com  where you can read the Choices and Concepts Report- the first part of this study which provides background on KAT’s current service performance and status, as well as how we make decisions on transit services.  You can also sign up to receive updates.

Where we are in the process: Based on our online and on-the-streets public input process, the Knoxville Transportation Authority has directed our transit consultants to develop a draft service plan in which 70% of KAT’s resources are focused on ridership goals, and 30% on coverage goals.  That draft plan will be presented to the public in the fall for comments.

In addition to KAT Reimagined, the Knox TPO (Transportation Planning Organization) is taking a fresh look at transit not only in Knoxville and Knox County, but the region as well.  The other two transit studies going on are:

The Regional Coordination Study.  In addition to KAT,  Knox County CAC  provides transportation services within the City and County, and East Tennessee Human Resources Agency (ETHRA) also provides service beyond Knox County and within.  How can these three organizations work together more effectively?

Regional Transit Study.  The metropolitan area of Knoxville is growing rapidly, and many people commute between counties for work, shopping and more.  How can we start thinking of transit as a more regional solution to a variety of challenges, from carbon emissions to congestion?