How To…

  1. Apply for Reduced Fare

    View a list of individuals that qualify for reduced bus fare.

  2. Bike & Ride

    If you are interested in biking around Knoxville and want to use our buses as well learn how to load your bike and remove your bike from a bus.

  3. Use Farebox

    A farebox is a machine in the bus that allows you to either purchase a pass, or use one that you already have.

  4. Find Your Lost Items

    If you forgot an item on the bus please give us a call and we will see if it has been turned into a Transit Agent.

  5. Plan Your Trip

    Find 4 options to help you plan your trip before touring Knoxville.

  6. Ride the Bus

    Here you will learn about what you need to do before you get on the bus, when you are on the bus, and how to exit the bus.