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Oct 13

Be Aware: Bays Will Change Soon Due To Construction Work at Knoxville Station

Posted on October 13, 2017 at 11:25 AM by KAT Team

Construction Work at Knoxville Station

Starting October 15th and for about 3 weeks, our platform will undergo some construction work. During that time, most routes will depart from new locations, as follows:

Route New Boarding Spot
11 – Kingston Pike
Bay O
12 – Western Ave. Bay P
13 – Beaumont Bay N
20 – Central St./ Clinton Hwy 
Bay R
21 – Lincoln Park
Bay L
22 – Broadway Bay M
23 – Millertown Bay T
24 – Inskip/Breda
Bay N
30 – Parkridge
Bay N
31 – Magnolia Bay Q
32 – Dandridge
Bay R
33 – MLK
Bay T 
34 – Burlington Bay S

Additionally, the following routes will be departing from Church Ave. (right at Knoxville Station's entrance) during this period of time:

This information is posted in all of our buses and trolleys. For additional details, please call 637-3000 or visit our Customer Service Counter at Knoxville Station. You can also register for text alerts on our website, 

We appreciate your patience during this time.