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Jun 15

Report: Riding the bus is up to 90 percent safer than driving your car

Posted on June 15, 2017 at 9:23 AM by KAT Team


By Voices for Public Transit

U.S. traffic fatalities have risen over the last two years. Expanding public transportation is a great solution to address this alarming trend.

According to the 2016 report “The Hidden Traffic Safety Solution: Public Transportation,” your chances of being in an accident are 90 percent greater traveling by car than riding public transportation.

Public transportation safety benefits extend beyond riders, however. In communities with strong public transit systems, transportation is safer for everyone — even those who don’t use public transportation. Transit riders and non-riders alike see their crash risk cut in half in regions with high-frequency public transportation.

Vulnerable and high-risk drivers, such as teens and older Americans, particularly benefit from the increased safety provided by public transportation. In areas with robust public transportation options, higher-risk drivers are more likely to leave cars parked and use transit services, making the roads safer for everyone. Transit-oriented cities have about half the traffic fatality rate compared to automobile-centric cities.

Investing in Safety Technologies

Public transportation moves the needle forward on transportation safety technologies. The cars of tomorrow — including autonomous or self-driving cars — will likely use technologies being deployed by public transportation today. These safety innovations include:

Collision avoidance systems
Pedestrian detection and avoidance
Blind spot detection
Driver fatigue and inattention alerts

Expanded public transportation means safer travel for everyone — just one more benefit of investing in public transportation infrastructure for communities of all sizes.